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Well, after all that…..

I have been remiss with this, and I am sorry if anyone tried to read my blog in the last two weeks.   I have been a little down and couldn’t find anything new to add.

But life goes on and things change and hopefully all for the better. I have people to write to and keep in touch with.  They must think I have fallen to the bottom of the earth, the last couple of months.  But not to worry, all will be well again.

Sometimes, it is hard to stay on top, I was just bobbing along, trying not to be too depressed and especially trying to stay hopeful against everything that has happened.  But some days, it was just enough to make the meals, clean a little and then call it a day.  Like last night, I slept only about three hours, stayed a long time on the computer, went back to bed at four or five o’clock, tried to fall asleep again but it didn’t work.  So it is hard to be the best I can be right now lol.    But I do have happiness in me that bubbles unexpectedly; I am hopeful, I am grateful, so many things to give thanks for every day.  I have my health, I have my cat, I have clothes and shelter, really I do live in a beautiful house all paid for.  So there is nothing to complain about.  If only I could sleep!

And my creativity is back, I find myself creating cards for everybody I can think of.  Any excuse to be able to send a homemade card to somebody, I’ll do it.  Right now, I am working on a birthday card to my brother in France.  I decorate the whole envelope on both sides, and then I get to the card itself.  Lots of time, however, I just stare at it for a long while trying to figure out what I am going to draw.  It is fun, frustrating sometimes, but always rewarding. 

And I also bought myself a book, with empty pages, that  I called “My little book of doodles”  and I try to doodle every day  in it.  It lets the craziness out and gives me a lot of practice.   And while I am doing that, time flies and it keeps me in a little bubble of happiness which is delightful.  I forget my problems, I get enthusiastic, eager to do it some more every day.    So it is very good for me and to me.  Let’s hope it is going to last and last. 

And that’s my work for today, I am trying to go back to bed and maybe sleep and perchance, dream.  Good night.


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