Life as usual

A most beautiful day today, a day for a good walk.  The grass is getting greener by the minute, I see robins playing on the lawn.  I can barely wait for the lilacs to come; I know it’s going to be a little while yet but it’s coming.  I also see the little truck of the mailman on the other side of the road, it’s life as usual.

There  is something to be said about life as usual.  The little routines, the things you have to do to get through a day, all the familiar stuff, seems pretty boring sometimes.  But it’s also nice to know what is going to happen day after day.

However, it’s also wonderful to get out of your rut, do something completely different once in a while, go beyond the path you take everyday.  So I guess I like a little bit of both, my little routine and once in while, something wild or at least unexpected that makes me feel I am alive and a bit nuts.

But it doesn’t happen often enough,  I have to try and be more spontaneous, I have to let it out (whatever  ‘it’  is) more often.  I have to say yes  to life with a ‘why not’ attitude.  Something to ponder as I go for my walk.



I was living in a foggy dream.

Am I starting to wake up?

Is it gradual, and temporary,

Or will I feel eternity?


I want to live for myself,

even if I don’t know how.

Will the road rise up before me,

and then show me eternity?


It is scary to wake up on your own

and try to figure out everything again

in a magical and wondrous way.

But I have to feel eternity, once again.

Rose Tinted Glasses

Days seem to go too fast, and I am neglecting my little blog.  But I had of lot of life giving me a roll the last few weeks.  And I might have made decisions based more on fear than real need, but live and learn.  I think it will end up being all right all the same.  I feel stronger than before, but it took so many years to get there.   Many years, many years.

“Sometimes old things need to go away.  That way, we have room for the new things that come into our lives.”       Randy K. Milholland

My life is turning me around these days, and a lot of fears keep creeping up and maybe it is time I should do something about it.  And yet, I have more strength than I thought, I know in my heart that everything will be okay and more than okay, just wonderful.  I am grateful for old friends, brand new friends,  and my family is behind me all the way.  What more can I ask for? 

Soon, it is going to be the beginning of a new life and I am very excited and hopeful.  We’ll leave the past behind and live for the present moment.  Who knows what waits for me?  I want to live completely and full of gratitude.  Ah… maybe I am wearing rose tinted glasses, but I don’t care; they fit me well.

Let Go

How hard to be with you,

speaking our minds.

Wish I would never

see you again.

But we`re having

another go at it,

for the hundreth time.

How long do you have

to try and try again.

Letting go would be such release.


I have been reading a lot about gratitude on the net lately and it makes me, well, so grateful. I believe it is such a great part of being happy. I have read that underneath the world is a feeling of joy that is bubbling over but it is so hard for us to relate to it. We think that our problems are too big, and we worry so much about the past and future that we don`t realize that if we just could let ourselves go, the Universe would show us the way.

I am so grateful for my life, and since I have been sick, life is sweeter than ever. Do I have still have problems, of course, and even sometimes I spend a sleepeless night or two, but that is all temporary. I go for a walk and then I always get thankful and realize nothing is as bad I thought it was. I let the trees whisper to me; I love trees. I let the sky tell me its story with moving clouds, especially if the sun is setting; all the wonderful, beautiful colors make me heart sing. Who wouldn`t be grateful for all this?

It`s spring finally!

Life is good, my brother is home for Easter and it`s finally warmer; the sun has been shining all day.

Sometimes, it doesn`t take much to see life in a different way. The last few days of snow have been too much. And as much as I would like to live in the present moment, the present moment wasn`t much to look at lol. I guess I still have a lot of work to do to see the good in everything.

It is so nice to be with family, even teasing brothers.

Fly away

I think of you so often,
your honesty, your truth.
I do not have to be with you,
just to know that you are alive,
somewhere in my world.
I cherish your ways,
But I also love your freedom,
Fly away, live your life,
nothing should stop you,
not even my love.